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eMule 0.50a TombStone v2.1

TombStone is now based upon eMule v0.50a including all important updates/fixes that version offers.
This version includes the ClientAnalyzer 1.5, VQB fullchunk system and modstring support ONLY - NOTHING MORE !
That's the perfect version to check out or to base your mod upon if you want to use the CA.
The code is also much cleaner and easier to port/integrate to your own language/mod.

Changelog FiNaL:
Removed unnecessary user limitation that prevented downloading files in the default cat alphabetically
MetaDataDlg is now added on-the-fly when you change the ext controls pref setting
Fixed localization bug in shared files window
Fixed official bugs in indexed.cpp

Changelog Beta1:
Update to eMule v0.50a
Changed max upload from SESSIONMAXTRANS to PARTSIZE

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eMule: Server.met - Server-List - IPFilter - Skins - eMule Wiki - Nodes.dat (eMule KAD)
eMule 0.50a MorphXT 12.0


Merged to 0.50a [Stulle]
CHANGE: update libping to 1.41 [Stulle]
ADD: Visual Studio 2008 project files and solution [Stulle]
ADD: ATL Server code for VS2008 compilation [Stulle]
ADD: Settings removed from official eMule to Advanced Preferences [Officials/Stulle]
ADD: Some more Tooltips for the preferences [Stulle]
ADD: Icon for "Pause when preview possible" menu entry [Stulle]
ADD: Find menu and OnLvnGetDispInfo to History list [zz_fly]
ADD: Queue progress bar in Webserver (not in Light) [unknown/Stulle]
ADD: File Percentage in title of progress images in WebServer [unknown/Stulle]
ADD: Option to restrict user from downloading files via multiuser webserver [Stulle]
ADD: Option to set level of optimization for NTService [Stulle]
ADD: Some more optimizations for NTService [Stulle]
ADD: Localization for NTService logging [Stulle]
ADD: Adjustable NT Service Strings [Stulle]
ADD: Fakealyzer [netfinity]
ADD: Display progress percentage for chunk details and sort chunk details by them [Stulle]
+ Note: This might cause weird results if client switches requested chunks or
does not download blocks sequentially.
ADD: Chunk details column in DownloadClientsListCtrl [SiRoB/JvA (idea)/Stulle]
ADD: Possibility to directly add incoming of removed cat to shared folders [Stulle]
ADD: New preferences.ini-only settings to Advanced Preferences [Officials/Stulle]
CHANGE: Disable FollowTheMajority if file is renamed in Shared Files Dialog [Stulle]
CHANGE: General settings dialog has been revised to achieve original layout [Stulle]
CHANGE: Reduced CPU usage in CUInt128::ToHexString [netfinity]
CHANGE: Reduced CPU usage in CUInt128::ToBinaryString [netfinity]
CHANGE: Optimize Process Kad client list [WiZaRd]
CHANGE: Improved filetype sorting in History list [zz_fly]
CHANGE: Improved reading of Webserver template [Stulle]
CHANGE: User priviliges for multiuser Webserver [Stulle]
+ Guest: Viewing information from webinterface
+ Operator: Adding/Removing downloads and according to other settings
+ Admin: Like Operator plus privilege to close eMule
+ Hi-Admin: Like Admin plus privilege to shutdown/reboot windows
CHANGE: Improved Failed Login Screen and Login Screen of Webserver [Stulle]
CHANGE: Improved UPnP info display [Stulle]
CHANGE: Improved setting of the preferences window title for tabbed Webserver panel [Stulle]
CHANGE: Sort client progressbars by percentage finished [Stulle]
CHANGE: Stretch chunk always to column width for chunk details [Stulle]
CHANGE: Improved upload state sorting for additional information [Stulle]
CHANGE: Improved sorting for Download State in ClientListCtrl [TAHO]
CHANGE: Allow searching for client name via key strokes in DownloadListCtrl [Stulle]
+ started searching at A4AF info until now
CHANGE: Set read-only instead of system attribute for custom incoming/temp dir [Stulle]
CHANGE: Allow incoming folder of default cat to be customized [Stulle]
CHANGE: Partly updated Bad Mod List (DLP v41, mainly Asian leechers) [zz_fly]
FIX: Properly localize some Advanced Preferences (official) [Stulle]
FIX: (Official) Only resolve hostnames for downloads if partfile found [WiZaRd]
FIX: (Official) Remove client from DownloadClientsList on RemoveSource [WiZaRd]
FIX: (Official) Don't publish incomplete small files [WiZaRd]
FIX: (Official) Possibly crash fix on ShowComment [WiZaRd]
FIX: (Official) Fix for setting buddy state on removing buddy [WiZaRd]
FIX: Display all time requests in History list [zz_fly]
FIX: Some bugs in the Webserver templates [Stulle]
FIX: Bad login handling for Webserver [Stulle]
FIX: multiSort in Search List [XMan]
FIX: Localization of tabs in Webserver panel [Stulle]
FIX: Don't reset Connection Settings without reason [Stulle]
FIX: TxtEditor option in Advanced Preferences [Stulle]
FIX: Wrong custom folder icon was displayed [Stulle]
FIX: CRC32 recalculate commando in SharedFilesWnd did not work properly [Stulle]
FIX: Setting HideOS for files was cancled when setting remained unchanged for one file [Stulle]
FIX: Minor display bug around default for PowerShare limit [Stulle]
FIX: Min Upload setting triggered nagging popup when Upload Capacity set to 1 kB/s [Stulle]
FIX: Setting appropriate settings for NTservice did not work properly [Stulle]
REMOVED: Microsoft Windows Media Format 11 SDK for MS VS2005 build (redundant) [Stulle]
REMOVED: Official changes for high upload speed in favor for more advanced MorphXT code [Stulle]
REMOVED: New official Ask-On-Exit Dialog in favor of Morph's one (NTService) [Stulle]
REMOVED: "MorphXT 9.7" workaround [Stulle]
REMOVED: Unusued ressource strings [Stulle]
REMOVED: AppleJuice detection [XMan/Anonymous Anti-Leecher]
REMOVED: Sivka addition that sometimes caused crashes on receiving OP_FILESTATUS [Stulle]
REMOVED: Dupe USS settings in Extended settings panel [Stulle]

Note: Following languages updated: German [Stulle]; French [Heaven]; Chinese (P.R.C.) [zz_fly];
Chinese (Taiwan) [AndCycle]; Italian [Idro182/Myth88]; Turkish [omeringen];
Dutch [leuk_he]; Portuguese (Brazil) [Heiler]; Spanish [guijarrelson/RaJiL]

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eMule: Server.met - Server-List - IPFilter - Skins - eMule Wiki - Nodes.dat (eMule KAD)
Sobre la ultima version del MorphXT 12.0 decir que lo he instalado ayer,de momento he visto que han cambiado la estetica en algunos puntos lo cual facilita el trabajo,del resto de momento no detecto nada anormal.Lo unico que veo que ya no aparece en este version(o por lo menos en donde estaba antes ya no esta) es la opcion PREFERENCIAS->OPCIONES AVANZADAS->OPCIONES ADICIONALES-> Buscar el mejor limite de subida automaticamente,aunque en mi MOD aparece como activada.Esta opcion se utilizaba si la tenias activada para poder navegar y descargar a la vez,si no estaba activada todo el ancho de banda era para el MOD.De momento eso es todo :)
Emule MorphXT 0.50A 12.2

Changelog for eMule 0.50a MorphXT v12.2
03-06-2010 *HOTFIX*

Fixed: Crash bug in ip2country [Stulle]
Fixed: Improper localization of Weekly IP2Country update checkbox [Stulle]

Changelog for eMule 0.50a MorphXT v12.1

ADD: Weekly update option for ip-to-country.csv file [Stulle]
ADD: Working Windows Firewall settings for Vista and above in installer [Stulle]
ADD: Some more countries to country flags feature [tomchen1989]
CHANGE: Increase size for displaying strings in Morph First Start Wiz [Stulle]
CHANGE: Display log warnings on error auto updating ipfilter rar file [Stulle]
CHANGE: Show cat name for scheduler cat actions in preferences window [Stulle]
CHANGE: Label value for weekly update consistently [Stulle]
CHANGE: Cat related scheduler items are added with -1 (All) value [Stulle]
CHANGE: Update GUI when reloading share via scheduler [Stulle/WiZaRd]
CHANGE: Make user data dir default config dir for installer on Vista and above [Stulle]
CHANGE: Allow to show Default tab seperately on Multi User Web Interface [Stulle]
CHANGE: Do not show file names if Web Interface user may not see according cat [Stulle]
+ Applies to all files in incoming dir of cat unless an allowed cat has same dir
FIX: Download of large files was broken [Stulle]
FIX: Compiling settings for VS03 in emule_site_config.h [Stulle]
FIX: Some typos in ressource strings [Heiler]
FIX: Fake check via fakes list was not working [WiZaRd]
+ thanks for the brainstorming, exchange of ideas and cleaner solution!
FIX: Fakes list could not handle entries with huge file sizes (>uint32) properly [Stulle]
FIX: Country flags did not work in DownloadClientsListCtrl [morph4u]
FIX: Setting for PowerShare limit was not limited [jerryBG]
FIX: webservice.dat entry for peerates file stats [Motor]
FIX: Windows Firewall settings for XP/ Server 2003 in installer [Stulle]
FIX: Lang files weren't installed properly if location of datafiles wasn't default [Stulle]
REMOVED: Some unused code around the Slot Limiter (limit to number) [evcz]
REMOVED: webservice.dat entries for now defunct donkeyfakes links [Motor]
REMOVED: Redundant quotation marks in installer [Stulle/thx Heiler]

Note: Following languages updated: German [Stulle]; French [jamjam]; Chinese (P.R.C.) [zz_fly];
Chinese (Taiwan) [AndCycle]; Italian [Myth88]; Turkish [omeringen];
Portuguese (Brazil) [Heiler]; Spanish [Rajil]
Emule MorphXT 0.50A 12.3

Changelog for eMule 0.50a MorphXT v12.3

ADD: Option to enable background color FakeAlyzer indication for searches [Stulle]
ADD: Some more countries to country flags feature [tomchen1989]
ADD: Copy files from bin package config to used config dir [Stulle]
ADD: Turkish translation for installer [omeringen]
ADD: "No to all" option for backup nagging dialog in Backup window [Stulle]
CHANGE: Made sorting for client status (QR,...) more like official [Stulle]
CHANGE: Made SafeHash ready for new AICH based file identifier (like official) [Stulle]
CHANGE: Don't assign downloads via watch clipboard feature using view filters [Stulle]
+ This caused own selection to be ignored!
CHANGE: Don't block HTTP sources via DeadSourceList [Avi-3k]
CHANGE: Increase space for strings in Morph Update windows [Stulle]
FIX: Rehashing of file on receiving unusable AICH hashset reply [Stulle]
FIX: Possible icon size related error when loading flag icons [WiZaRd]
FIX: A4AF swapping aborted download and caused sources to not be reasked within 20 minutes [Stulle]
FIX: Wrong file name mentioned in Startup sound error logging [Stulle]
FIX: libpng warnings when compiling [moloko+]
REMOVED: Some code around the sorting by score in QueueListCtrl [Stulle]

Note: Following languages updated: German [Stulle]; French [jamjam]; Chinese (P.R.C.) [zz_fly];
Chinese (Taiwan) [AndCycle]; Italian [xilolee]; Turkish [omeringen]; Spanish [Rajil]

Buen dia :)
Emule MorphXT 0.50A 12.4

Changelog for eMule 0.50a MorphXT v12.4

ADD: Visual Studio 2010 project files and solution [Stulle]
ADD: Display check mark next to currently assigned category [Stulle]
CHANGE: update cryptolib Version 5.6.0 (3/15/2009) [Stulle]
CHANGE: update pugxml.h (http://www.codeproject.com/KB/cpp/JCraneArticle.aspx) [JCrane2/tychen]
CHANGE: update zlib 1.2.5 [Stulle]
CHANGE: update libpng 1.4.3 [Stulle]
CHANGE: Rename CMemDC to CMemoryDC [Avi-3k]
CHANGE: Some other minor changes to compile on VS 2010
CHANGE: Rewrote the passing of params for drawing country flags to work in VS10 [Stulle]
+ bug in VS10 MFC; fixed code not only for VS10, used in all solutions
CHANGE: Also sort aMule for mods (if availablel) [Stulle]
CHANGE: Added additional wait time and security checks for flush threads on exit [WiZaRd]
+ possible crashfix
FIX: Sorting of client status (QR,...) to make sense at last [Stulle]
FIX: Crash on shutdown in ipfilter [Xman]
FIX: Force periodic updates was reset to previous state on applying [Stulle/thx Hiwi]
FIX: Download from http sources (e.g. sourceforge) broken because of sending user-agent [WiZaRd]
+ Added option to maintain list of URLs that should not receive user-agents
REMOVED: Display of session download in ChunkBar in DownloadClientsCtrl [Stulle]
eMule 0.50a ScarAngel v4.0

eMule v0.50a ScarAngel v4.0
- 11.03.2011 -
based on eMule 0.50a Xtreme 8.0 compiled with vs2010 SP1
Merged to eMule v0.50a [Stulle]
Updated with code from zz_fly's Xtreme

Added: Possibility to directly add incoming of removed cat to shared folders [Stulle] - Stulle
Added: Queue progress bar in Webserver (not in Light) [unknown/Stulle] - Stulle
Added: File Percentage in title of progress images in WebServer [unknown/Stulle] - Stulle
Added: More advanced official settings [Stulle] - Stulle

Changed: Reworked coloring of windows (fixes some tab controls on Vista/7) [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Grouping of advanced official settings [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Refined dislpaying reasons for download limits in StatusBar [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Auto join Morph IRC help channel [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Improved picking correct download limit [Stulle] - Stulle
+ Might be a little more restrictive but is is also cleaner

Fixed: Reboot in webserver invoked shutdown instead of reboot [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: TxtEditor option in Advanced Preferences [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: Setting HOS was cancled when setting remained unchanged for one file [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: Minor display bug around default for PowerShare limit [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: AutoUpdateIP2Country differed on loading and saving preferences [jerryBG] - Stulle
Fixed: Localization of ScarAngel Settings was incomplete [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: Bad graph label display when Source Graph was disabled [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: Crashfix for reloading share via ASFU under certain circumstances [WiZaRd] - Stulle
Fixed: Current window was not entirely redrawn on changing window color [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: DLP version number was not updated on manual update in settings [Stulle] - Stulle

Removed: New official Ask-On-Exit Dlg in favor of ScarAngel one (NTService) [Stulle] - Stulle

Note: Following languages updated: German [Stulle]; Chinese (P.R.C.) [zz_fly];
Chinese (Taiwan) [AndCycle]; French [jamjam]; Spanish [RaJiL/mself563];
Italian [xilolee/EvolutionCrazy]; Turkish (partially) [omeringen]
Note: Added existing Czech ScarAngel translations to Czech translation file

eMule ScarAngel.MoD Homepage

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eMule: Server.met - Server-List - IPFilter - Skins - eMule Wiki - Nodes.dat (eMule KAD)
eMule 0.50a MorphXT v12.7

Página oficial: http://emulemorph.sourceforge.net/

Changelog for eMule 0.50a MorphXT v12.7


ADD: Some more MediaInfo settings and USC log color to Advanced Preferences [Stulle]
ADD: New flags to countryflag.dll in order to meet ISO 3166-1 standard [Stulle]
+ Note that you absolutely need to update the countryflag.dlls!
ADD: Show ZZ ratio activation in Web Interface [Stulle]
ADD: Respect and display USC in WebInterface queue sorting [Stulle]
CHANGE: Updated Bad Mod List and Bad Hashs List (DLP v43) [zz_fly]
CHANGE: Max FileBufferTimeLimit changed from 100 to 10 minutes [Stulle]
CHANGE: Displayed ed2k link list in category selection can be scrolled through [Stulle]
CHANGE: Use bold font for drawing client progress percentage in DownloadListCtrl [Stulle]
CHANGE: Improved category rights handling for Multi User Web Interface [Stulle]
CHANGE: Improved download right handling for Multi User Web Interface [Stulle]
CHANGE: Show friend menu in friend list of Web Interface transfer panel [Stulle]
CHANGE: Show all clients that are not banned in On Queue list of Web Interface [Stulle]
CHANGE: Display if a client has credits in On Queue list of Web Interface [Stulle]
CHANGE: Tweasked NTService optimizations [Stulle]
CHANGE: Retrieve ID3LIB setting from memory during runtime [Stulle]
CHANGE: Rearranged Advanced (official) Preferences for better overview [Stulle]
CHANGE: Integrate MaxMind GeoLite Country into IP2Country feature (download and processing) [Stulle]
+ You might need to reset the update URL to use this new source and format!
+ For maximum comfort old format and source may still be used (only for ip-to-country.csv).
+ Notice: MorphXT includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from http://www.maxmind.com
FIX: Don't assign downloads via watch clipboard feature using view filters CHANGE [Stulle]
FIX: Weird result calculation for Fakealyzer [Stulle]
FIX: Pasting eD2k links from DownloadListCtrl was not handled as pasting [Stulle]
FIX: Setting for "Don't update Queue list in real time" was inverted in Tweaks [Stulle]
+ Note: It now works as expected so you might have to set it anew.
FIX: Aborting HTTP downloads [WiZaRd]
FIX: Wrong input focus for Multi User Web Interface login if user remembered [Stulle]
FIX: File Percentage in title of progress images in WebServer did not show 100% [Stulle]
FIX: Potential crash in USC logging due to format code in user name [Jesse Hager]
FIX: Log color settings were not stored in preferences.ini [Stulle]
FIX: Ambersands were not removed in PreferencesDlg [Stulle]
REMOVED: Obsolete Vista and above fix in ExportPartMetFilesOverview [leuk_he]
REMOVED: Obsolete GetRemainingReservedDataToDownload function [Stulle]

Descarga del instalador o del binario de la nueva versión y manual

:arrow:MorphXT v12.7

:arrow: Manual de actualización
Yo uso la v50a -XdP- v5.2 RC1 aunque creo que la ultima es la 5.6 y es una verdadera caña de emule, lastima que ande jodido ahora con lo de la id baja. :sneaky:

Basic System Infos:
|--> Nick: ChInAK_O
|--> Client Version: 0.50a | -XdP- v5.2 RC1
|--> CPU Infos: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz
|--> CPU (Usage): 2.67GHz (0%)
|--> RAM (Usage): 5.99 GB (127.33 MB)
|--> OS : Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1
|--> Free Space on Tempdrive: 20.96 GB
|--> Created: 08/10/2013 20:45:29

eMule Settings:
|--> Max. Upload-Speed: 600.00 KB/s (Limit: Unlimited)
|--> Max. Download-Speed: 4.88 MB/s (Limit: Unlimited)
|--> Hard limit: 5000
|--> Max. connections: 5000
|--> Max. new connections / 5 secs.: 20
|--> Max. half open connections: 9
|--> TCP Port: 5895 UDP Port: 35025
|--> Upload SpeedSense (USS): Disabled
|--> Connection Type ED2K / KAD : Enabled / Enabled
|--> Server Safe Connect: Disabled

-XdP- Settings:
|--> File Permission: Everybody
|--> Reload shared directories automatically: No
|--> Unshare complete files (Incoming files): No
|--> Publish filelist to Server: Yes
|--> Publish filelist to Kad: Yes
|--> Use QueueBlock (block bad/useless clients): Yes
|--> Set max. allowed remote queuerank: 5001
|--> Block also if strict Limit is reached: Yes
|--> Set strict Limit (Ratio UL>DL) max. [mb]: 50
|--> Set limit for max. session time [min]: 60
|--> Kick also if strict Limit is reached: Yes
|--> Set limit max. chunks for friends without FriendSlot [1-50]: 10
|--> Set limit max. chunks for files on PowerShare [1-50]: 1
|--> Set limit max. chunks for community clients [1-50]: 1
|--> Slotlimiter: Use custom max. slots
|--> Set custom max. open slots: 10
|--> Use Slotfocus: Enabled
|--> Credit System: Use ClientAnalyzer rewarding/punishing (recommended)
|--> Smart Credit-Push: Use -XdP- System
|--> Use A4AF-Push (boost if we are also requesting another file): Enabled
|--> Use additional Punishment (punish bad/useless clients): Enabled
|--> Use Friend-Boost: Enabled
|--> Set boost Factor [Score *1.5-100]: 0
|--> Use Community-Boost: Enabled
|--> Set boost Factor [Score *1.5-100]: 0
|--> Use Fakerank (only for blocked clients): Enabled
|--> Use NickAddon-Thief (fake Community tags): Enabled
|--> Fake eChanblard Community: Yes
|--> Emulate non-eMule clients: Yes
|--> Max. number of global sources: 5000
|--> Modstring Settings: Use Custom Modstring [-XdP- v5.2 RC1]
|--> Save/Load Sources: Enabled (75|30)

Upload Stats:
|--> Upload Time: 1 Days 5:10 Hours (100.0%)
|--> Upload-Speed: 157.09 KB/s
|--> Average Uploadrate: 76.28 KB/s
|--> Max Upload Rate: 447.50 KB/s
|--> Max Average Upload Rate: 76.28 KB/s
|--> Uploaded Data: 7.63 GB
|--> Average Uploaded Per Session: 23.98 MB
|--> Active uploads: 2
|--> Waiting Uploads: 1

Download Stats:
|--> Download Time: 1 Days 3:29 Hours (94.2%)
|--> Active Downloads (chunks): 4
|--> Download-Speed: 16.83 KB/s
|--> Average Downloadrate: 79.23 KB/s
|--> max. Downloadrate: 1.00 MB/s
|--> Max Downloadrate Average: 79.34 KB/s
|--> Downloaded Data: 7.93 GB
|--> Average Downloaded Per Session: 37.42 MB
|--> UDP File Reasks: 0, Failed: 0 (0.0%)
|--> Found Sources: 71
|--> Too many connections: 0
|--> On Queue: 57
|--> Asking: 0
|--> Connecting: 0
|--> No needed parts: 5
|--> Asked for another file: 0
|--> Queue Full: 3
|--> Cannot connect LowID to LowID: 2
|--> Filtered: 13131
|--> Problematic: 0 (0.0%)

|--> eD2K: 68 (93.2%)
|--> Kad: 72 (98.6%)
|--> eD2K&Kad: 67 (91.8%)
|--> Unknown: 0 (0.0%)

Leecher Stats:
|--> Nickthieveries: 0
|--> Modthieveries: 0
|--> File fakes: 5
|--> UDP-FNF fakes: 0
|--> Fast asks: 7
|--> Spams: 1
|--> FastXS: 9
|--> Mod fakes: 10

|--> GPLEvildoer nicks: 69
|--> GPLEvildoer mods: 63
|--> Bad nicks: 0
|--> Bad mods: 0
|--> Sui fakes: 1

|--> Banned: 3

|--> Session UL:DL Ratio: 1 : 1.04
|--> Total size of Shared Files: 488.50 GB
|--> Number of Shared Files: 603
|--> Number of Downloads: 3
|--> Completed Downloads: 5
|--> Secure Ident (OK : Failed ): 69 (94.5%) : 1 (1.4%) : 3 (4.1%)
|--> Download Sessions: 235
|--> Successful Download Sessions: 217 (92.34%)
|--> Failed Download Sessions: 18 (7.66%)
|--> Upload Sessions: 328
|--> Total successful upload sessions: 326 (99.39%)
|--> Total failed upload sessions: 2 (0.61%)

|--> -- developed by umeK --

Yo aun sigo usando (desde hace muuucho) eMule v.0.49b Xtreme... ¿Recomendais alguna version mas actual por temas de seguridad=? es que me va de maravilla... otra cosa... voy a dar el salto de XP a Windows 8.1... ¿Seguira funcionando igual?